Inspire Others To Act

How often do you find yourself scrolling through your LinkedIn news feed? Last month, I stumbled on a post that a connection had liked. Whenever a post starts with, "I seldom put anything out on LinkedIn", I get interested because it usually contains relevant engaging information. This particular post was a personal endorsement to volunteer with DECA at their... Continue Reading →


Find Yourself Where You Are 

Well, here we are. It is now February and college seniors all across the country are wondering what their plans are, where their paths will lead them.  Some of them have signed their life away through a contract, others are planning on moving back with their parents, and yet others are  frantically applying to every... Continue Reading →

Dead Ends or New Adventures?

We all have the decision to lead or follow. To reject change, embrace it or even better, create it. Taking the the well beaten path is almost always safe. But is safe always smart? We need to take risks and embrace the possibility that the ones before us did not think of every solution. We... Continue Reading →

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